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  1. David L Scheidler says:

    I’m eager to get started. Time is running out!

  2. Ronald Tribble says:

    Let’s go

  3. Ronald Tribble says:

    I am looking forward to these classes

  4. Edward Nunn says:

    Looking forward to learning how to survive in these ends of times. Thank you for doing all the hard work.

    New Jersey

  5. andrew derouen says:

    thanks i just recieved my first lesson

  6. SANDRA TAMER says:


  7. David Brock says:

    I’ve been reading and preparing for sometime, but your’s is the first to address Urban stay-in-place Survival. As many are aware… most will need to stay-in-place, and for others it’s not optional.

    Look forward to the lessons and filling the gaps in my OPSEC.



  8. Luanne Ylonen says:

    I am really thankful for these lessons, we are pretty well prepared but know we have ALOT more to do! We just keep plugging along, I am surprised how many people there are that don’t think to prepare for a just in case senario? I feel sorry for those that will be left with nothing to survive, but hey…..you can’t save the world

  9. Mitch Boze says:

    I live in an rural area, 10 miles from the nearest town of any size, 1,700 folks. The nearest city with a Mall is 30 miles away. We live on an 40 acre parcel with 3 residences, two homes and an appartment where our daughter stays when she is not with her fianc’ee. I’m trying to put your Uban Survival Guide into our circumstances living in the country. My one fear is that we have to much land to cover/protect if things get bad. I’m trying to convince very close friends and relatives that if they can do it, to get up to our place, the more folks we have the better we can defend our land. We have three wells, and plenty of garden space to grow things, am collecting survival seed-banks. Will soon be installing home built Solar & Wind Genorators, there are good site on the internet that show you how to build your own fairly inexpensively. Your program will put me light years ahead of our neighbors, although we will need there support to help control our
    AO, we can share food with them, one neighbor has plenty of beef catle and I’m looking into raising some Chickens and goats for long term food supply. It’s really sad and scary to see how many folks don’t have any idea of what’s about to happen to there country and in term them. Hopefully we can educate them in time to help them get through what’s coming. Good luck to all of you that have joined the program and may G-d Bless you and your families. RamBoze

  10. SUSAN miller says:

    BRING IT!! 🙂

  11. Jeffrey Brooks says:

    Let’s get me up to speed.

  12. Donna Seaton says:

    Years ago my Dad re-inforced the front door, the kick plate, and put in a patented unpickable lock on my front door. Around midnight last night someone tried to open my front door. By the time the dog and I got to the front door they had taken off. A barking dog is really an asset.

  13. Arthur Stroup says:

    I come from the 70’s & 80’s survival times !! We think like you, Family & friends, sorry, but to survive this; thats the way it is !! In these times, you have to do what you have to do, trust no one !!!

  14. andrea francis says:

    I am 66 years old,but still thinking young. As the saying gos,”You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” I would like to survive as long as I can, to see what happens! Thanks for this oppurtunity to learn how. Andrea

  15. ron smith says:

    lets get started

  16. nmacret says:

    going home to make CD and listen while driving across the gulf coast .

  17. Mike Ault says:

    Ready to learn.

  18. William Thomas says:

    Excited to start lerning. Hope it is not too late. God Bless you all.

  19. Tim Johnson says:

    Good ideas!! We need to know how to protect ourselves and our loved ones in all circumstances and to be prepaired for the worst. Just finished the first lesson and can’t wait till all are in my possession. Surviving here on earth is good to know, but making sure you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is so much more important. Living another 40 years is nothing compared to eternity.

  20. Otto Kunst says:

    You may cover it in future lessons, but, if you have a handgun, in a survival situation, make sure you carry it on your person INSIDE YOUR HOUSE as well as outside. You are then ready to face someone who defeats any house-hardening you may have put in place. (A good idea to defeat home invasion even in non-survival times.) Alternatively, have a gun in every area of the house where you might be cut off- protected with a trigger lock or gun case, so it can’t be used against you. If you choose this, make sure to get the digital kind, and set all to the same code- you don’t need to try and remember multiple codes, or remember where you placed a key you’re trying to hide from invaders, either.

    [David’s note…Instead of getting a digital lock, I suggest getting a Simplex style lock. Simplex locks are 5 button mechanical locks that don’t require batteries or have any electronics. Some sites online say that they’re fairly easy to defeat (pick) but there are 2,200 combinations, so it’s not that quick of a process. We have both the digital and the mechanical and prefer the mechanical. Other than not having electronics, one HUGE advantage is that electronic locks have a delay after you enter a wrong combination before you can try again. The mechanical locks simply require you to turn the handle counter clockwise and try again. In the middle of the night, half awake, with adrenaline flowing, this is a big benefit.]

  21. rick trivett says:

    Thanks for your help. As a “pepper”, I am looking forward to getting started abd developing a better plan


  22. Ann Bricker says:

    My family is far from being prepared, but we look forward to getting in “under the wire” by Gods’ grace and help from your program. Thank you for making it do-able and with a community who gets it!


  23. Sheridan Crawford says:

    Thanks David
    Can’t wait to get started – so off I go…

  24. Ingrid Moos says:

    With great expectations…,
    thank you David

  25. Lois Kenitzer says:

    So impressed to find this course!. We have been trying to prepare with lists and lists but now we will have an organized method of survival. Thank you for your dedication in helping all of us through these troubled times. onegr8life

  26. boogaboo says:

    Finally someone is listening and that someone is you, us! I am looking forward to this and my mother is a huge fan. Thank you, thank you , thank you. I am hoping to find contact with someone who is living in the same area I am and we are able to join together, when this happens. because it is just a matter of time before it does. my log in name is inspired by my children

  27. Pete says:

    David … thank you for sharing this information with us. I can’t wait to know what I

    need to learn or do not know already. My prayer is that with the Lord’s help and with

    your study , we can make a difference and may He lead us in victory.

    ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

    Hosea 4:6

  28. Michael Cottreau says:

    Looking forward to our future.

  29. Reed Gaddie says:

    Our family has been trying to prepare for about two yesrs. This program will save many Americans from that which surely is to come to pass. May I say also that a good idea is to stock up on ammo, prepare your family (this means little girls too) what to do if an intruder does enter your home as what happened to us.

    Thank heaven for guns, our rights to bear them, and our rights to protect ourselves. I won’t ever give up my guns or rights until they pry them from my cold dead fingers. After that, protecting my family will be up to those i ‘ve prepared with and God.

    Remember to have code questions for example, when I enter my home I ask my wife if she is under duress. If the answer is “no’ that is my signal to prepare to eliminate an intruder.

    Intruders cannot be barganed with neither do they have any morals. They will more tham likely dispose of you after they are convinced they have all you have.

    My 3 daughter and wife are taking this very seriously, and we have had an intrusion and had to rid ourselves already.

    Thank God the states out here in the west allow us to bear arms even at all times even in public. That law and right alone saved my wife and girls from suffering through unthinkable unfortunes, and our three masked intruders found out what happens if they invade a home of a prepared family. They learned the hard way that father, his wife, and girls know how to defend themselves, even the littlest ones.

    May we brothers and sisters maintain our rights, our liberty and pursuit of happiness and choose to prpepare to whatever is necessary to defend first our loved ones, our homes, our country, and right to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience (this means we must remove all people who have vthe mindset of destroying lives and have religeous teachings that influence them to overtake our people and force them to join them or die.

    Needless to say, our enemy is within our borders already, has organized traiming camps here in America, and even under our very noses is doing all they can to strenghten their position by means of using the laws we have against us.

    David, thanks so much for all you are doing, and in the end, may we affer it is all over, and the smoke has cleared seek out who amongst us succeded in surviving, then may we have the courage to join our sons, sisters, and loved ones in defending our constitution, our lands, our liberty. Blessed is the nation who’s God is the Lord!.

    May we not be unwise and fail to not only prepare, but commit ourselves to maintaining the title of libery, may we secure our borders.

    Finally, may we realize that if we sit back and do nothing but go to work every day, and at least be politically active, and fail to vote this coming November, and worst if we fail to uphold our God, and fail to do our duty to and forget to teach our children why their loved ones are serving and/or served in our American military so willingly, and equally imporatnt if we fail to teach our children to fight and preserve their constitutional rights, and constantly teach our children why their patriotic ancestors sacrifed so dearly, and even died in the American Rvolutionary War, then we surely as history has demonstrated will suffer beyond our wildest dreams. One horror will then be that we will suffer from watching our corrupt government literally eliminate every liberty we have remaining until our existing government overtakes our country, new international troops are allowed to patrol our cities, loot our homes as they choose for pay, and finally, we will witness having no control of what our children are taught in school.

    This means our children’s schools will be consentration training camps designed to get our children to disrepect their parents, and tear down the American family unit, then be taught curriculum designed to destroy every moral standard of good and decency, be taught that same sex marriage is ok, to be taught to obey government leaders and bnnot their parents, then as was done in the cartoon Pinochio, after being conditioned and trained at our public schools, they will be forced or left no choice but to serve the tyrants we voted for, and serve them as their military/slaves/servants.

    Oh, may we awake, put on the armour of God, and fight to preserve that which is left even though it is hanging by a thread. May we see evil exists in our government even under our very noses.

    May we preserve the name of God from being removed from our national anthem, and our pledge of alllegance. Otherwise, we will as prophecied be destroyed from off the face of this promised land.

    David, God bless you for your good works!

    Good Journey,

    Reed G.

  30. Glenna Reeves says:

    I am so EXCITED !! Thank you. Can’t wait to study this material.

  31. Patrick Melbourne says:

    Just read lesson 1; great practical information. Your reseach and support URL: urbansurvivalplan.com/595/lesson1/ content is very useful and all subscribed should view these sites regularly..

  32. Mary Blair says:

    Your Super & we have been blessed by your help with insight & wisdom. Even tho I grew up a country girl I still learned a lot I didn’t know & have been doing your program with my family. Even tho my son was a skeptic & slow coming around he is now full blast & doing what I been telling him for several years now. My daughter was a bit faster coming around but she has too. We now started a group of 14 adults & their families involved in it all with their specialties to benifit the group.
    I hope that everyone keeps safe & has a group to fall back on. Bless you all & Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours.

  33. JA Henkel says:

    Thank you David. Theres a lot of gloom and doom out there and thank you for presenting level headed solutions and the knowledge to know what to do and how to sort it out; prioritize; in the event of situations previously I never would allow myself to imagine. That in itself is a shift in thinking that is not easy. The courses force me to do a reality check of my present situation and to look at, and work toward, where i need to be, to help my family and also be able to help my fellow man. Not to be fearful, but hopeful, faithful, and prepared for whatever life may throw our way. Thanks so much.

  34. Marie says:

    I’m so glad to finally be on board and just received lesson 1. My husband is coming around bit by bit. He has bought a versatile shotgun now and realizes that it may save our lives and that of our children who live nearby. I’m looking forward to practicing what you preach so we can be ready in this uncertain world. Thank you for what you have accomplished in teaching so many how to survive in place.

    God bless us everyone!

  35. Patricia Thomas says:

    Am excited about receiving these lessons. My family has been preparing for sometime, but we had a conversation yesterday about the fact that we need to practice, just as you do for a fire drill. We have many things in place, but have not discussed “procedures” when the real thing happens. I am hoping your instructions can get us started on a procedures schedule

  36. j says:

    Eager to get started. I’ve only recently come to the conclusion that some very dire event is all but inevitable, and I have tto admit I’m more than a little worried. I have 14 years experience as a navy corpsman, and served with both marines and SEALs, but that was always with a very organized logistics mechanism supporting us, and I didn’t have a delicate wife and baby in tow. It’s really them that I am most worried about; by myself, I think I could find a way in just about any situation, but having my precious angels changes things considerably. At this point, I’ve legally built an AR lower receiver. Many people don’t know this, but you can legally build a rifle or pistol for your own use, and it doesn’t have to be registered/serialized. In my state, there is a de facto gun registration in place for all guns sold, so I know that when Obama makes his move, the guns I bought in stores will be confiscated, but I will have this AR if I can figure out a good way to hide or bury it. I bought an 80% receiver (no FFL needed), and I finished it with an easy to make template and a mini mill, though it can also be done on a drill press if need be. I highly recommend this option.

  37. Coy Harvel says:


    I’ve been watching the news on the earth quake in Japan. This could be a training film on survival. I see the lines of people waiting to fil a jug with water, grocery stores are empty, roads are closed and enpassable, most phones are inop, most banks are closed, no power in most places or running water. All this and Japan is one of the most prepared nations on earth. How about the USA—-NOT. Nothing else needs saying. I know you’ll expand on the situation in Japan, can’t wait.

  38. Ralph Paulding says:

    Just finished lesson 2, thanks for the pointers. I already have my 5 day readiness and perhaps more, but did not think about the phone numbers. I have been a long time prepper but just starting to actually realize this is going to happen. A lot sooner than we expect. Thanks for the mailed books and material, I will transfer most to my BOB and listen to the CD’s as I travel.

    Looking forward to future lessons and discovering how much I don’t know!!


  39. Marilyn Kinnamon says:

    Just received lesson 1 and can’t wait to get started. My husband thinks I worry too much about the future and being prepared. Please help me pray that he will be on board with me.

    May God bless you and your family,


  40. Wow, what a video it is! In fact good feature video, the lesson given in this video is actually informative.

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